Alien Power Drain, Or Instrument Cluster Failure? You Decide

You have to love those alien TV sci-fi shows where drivers hit a "dead spot" in the road and the dash of their cars goes completely haywire and then dies. You just know that this is a setup for an alien encounter or abduction. Seconds later, the character has lost minutes or hours, but his/her car starts right up.

The scary part is, this can actually happen to your car, and it has nothing to do with aliens. If you are experiencing this bizarre kind of activity in your dashboard, it may just be the instrument cluster having electrical problems. Here is how to tell the difference between a possible alien dead zone experience and just problems with your instrument cluster.

You Experience Problems With the Dash Instruments Regularly

The first time your dash goes haywire, it may freak you out a little. If you can slap the dash like Fonzie from "Happy Days" and everything goes back to normal, breathe. It is the instrument cluster. If it does this more often and at random times and places, have it repaired. GMC instrument cluster repair services is one example of where you can have this problem diagnosed and fixed.

The Problem Occurs Only Once, in a Remote Area, and Does Not Last Long

Typically the impending signs of an alien encounter or abduction while you are driving include a one-time power drain on your car, in a remote area, and it does not last long. At least, that is what people claim who have experienced this phenomenon. If it happens to your vehicle in just that way, be sure to stay in the vehicle, and keep an eye on your watch. Try starting the vehicle every fifteen minutes. If it does start, note the time on your watch (just in case you were abducted, did not notice, and do not remember anything). If it does not start within thirty minutes, call for a tow (i.e, if the aliens have not drained your phone's battery as well!). It is probably a battery or electrical problem (if it is not aliens).

The Manufacturer Has Reported Instrument Cluster Issues

Sometimes, when enough people report a similar problem with a specific manufacturer's vehicles, the manufacturer is supposed to notify all owners of similar vehicles. If this problem becomes commonplace, the manufacturer may post a recall to address this issue. It should be repaired almost as quickly as it takes an alien spaceship to appear, drain your vehicle, abduct you, and return you later with a lapse in time and memory (according to people who claim to be former abductees).