3 Things You'll Need In The Pit When You Take Your Car On The Racetrack

If you're going to be taking your car to a racetrack, you probably want to do everything that you can to help increase your chances of a good performance, and hopefully, a win. Having what you need in the pit will have a big impact on this. These are three of the things that you're going to need to have in the pit. 1. Knowledgeable and Experienced Technicians First of all, you're going to have to have technicians who can help you with repairing and fueling up your car while you stay in the driver's seat. [Read More]

Buying An AN Hose Fitting For Your Race Car

Your race car requires different parts than the average automobile to keep the unit running at its strongest. Hose fittings in particular need to be durable, long-lasting, and reliable since your car experiences large bursts of power that put hoses through a lot of pressure. When buying AN hose fittings, here are things you should know. Always consult with a racing car expert or mechanic before buying or installing any parts on your racing vehicle. [Read More]

Five Ways To Turn Your Cold, Hard Car Into Cold, Hard Cash

Cars are almost like currency. They can turn into cash just about whenever you need them to. The following five ways of transforming your car into money are not magic, but at times when you need money the most, it will certainly seem like it. Sell Your Car Outright Selling your car outright means that you will not have a car, but you will have money. As a private seller, buyers may pay your asking price, or the savviest of buyers will only pay the " [Read More]

In Auto Repairs, Safety Should Always Trump Cost

When it comes to owning an auto, safety has to be prioritized to ensure that unwanted incidents will not happen. When a car undergoes a repair, the owner has to make sure that the replacement of auto parts are performing well and the auto remains in its best condition. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, several auto parts and services that guarantee safety are readily available. As big companies assure safety, these auto parts are often expensive. [Read More]